This book is a collection of interviews with fifteen different people about seven different objects that they own that have sentimental value attached to them. Each chapter is dedicated to different a sentimental reasoning that makes the object so valuable; childhood, close friend, culture, family, pride, safety and someone lost.

The interviews detail the stories behind the objects and give insight as to why these objects that are not as monetarily valuable are still kept and held in high regard. Photographs of the objects and their owners are paired with these interviews as well. Bars of colour are used to highlight the objects that are being spoken about and the interviews are separated in blocks of type. This is done to mimic these colour blocks as well as to adjust longer interviews to fit the page more nicely.

The final chapter of the book has the interviewees answer the question "Which objects are more important to you, those that hold more sentimental value or those that hold more monetary value?" This chapter shifts the focus from the objects themselves to the person who has given those objects meaning. For this reason, the photo of each interviewee reveals their full face and identity because the subject changes from the objects to their owners.