This project is an exploration of different ways to design type to fit a quote and elicit emotion. For this project I chose to use a quote from Vincent Van Gogh. The full quote being “If I am worth anything later I am worth something now, for wheat is wheat even if people think it is a grass in the beginning”. This quote was shortened and the line “If I am worth anything later I am worth something now” is the portion of the quote that received the expressive type treatment.

My Approach

The type was hand illustrated and given a more grotesque heavier look and styled similar to how Van Gogh’s paintings looked because he has such a unique and recognizable style. He painted using short quick strokes making the brushwork look lively and his colours tended to lay in the deeper tones. My first approach was to do my type in this way using short strokes and darker colours using acrylic paint. However, through more experimentation, I put my own spin on it and made the type look more like my own creation by using longer more whispy looking strokes and lighter colours to give off a smoother more flowing feeling and to make it look uplifting and motivational. One of my initial sketches that contained blockier lettering and lots of livelyness were used which ended up adding texture to the words that were chosen to be highlighted. For the words that I wanted to be less strong I hand wrote the text using new brushes created in illustrator with the colour schemes I wanted. When put together with the blockier type there would be contrast and would have less impact than the block text.

Sketches & Development