Eodem is a typeface created for advertising use on large screen displays. The typeface features variation through the optical axsis to change the typeface from text to display dependant on diffferent screen sizes. This typeface contains a full set of capital and lower case letters with two masters on the optical axis. It also has a full set of numbers as well as some punctuation. This typeface is a sans-serif font with heavier weight because it is meant to be viewed from a further distance so its letter forms need to be easily seen and recognized. It features a subtle weight difference on the horozontal strokes to make it easier for readability at perspective it is normally viewed at as well as a dramatic contrast at the joining of the strokes in the display version of the font. 


Eodem is a variable typeface that has a text variation and a display variation to be used on different screen sizes for large screen advertising. Overall there is a subtle weight emphasis on certain characters and the fitting of glyphs needs to be more open for its use case seeing that this typeface lives on big billboards. The most dramatic difference between the masters is at the connection points in the typeface. There is subtle weight emphasis on certain characters in the text version, and in the display version of the typeface the connection points of the strokes in the letters become super thin in order to take away light flares when they are viewed at the largest output.