Ambiance refers to the character and atmosphere of a place.

Ambiance is a magazine meant to showcase cafes and coffee shops around Toronto to encourage Torontonians to visit these unique spaces. Feature stories will contain information about different cafes around the city as well as interviews from individuals about their experiences with these unique spaces. Coffee shops and cafes have a unique aura to them unlike other public areas. Restaurants and chain coffee joints are often loud and busy whereas privately owned cafes have a more intimate and quiet aura to them as well as their own “personality” given to them by their owners. This magazine’s main goal is to show off the uniqueness of these locations and it is their ambiance that often times separates them from other public spaces.

Each issue showcases a selection of cafes found around the city and talks about the aura of each cafe. Interviews with cafe goers are present throughout the magazine, with individuals discussing why they decide to visit cafes. These interviews are left semi-anonymous with the eyes of the individual covered using the main point that they have made in their interview. The names of these individuals have also been and reflected to make them more difficult to read. This is done because the focus of the interview is on cafes and the thoughts and feelings that surround cafes rather than the individuals themselves who visit cafes.