Altering Anthropocene

This project is the creation and branding of a new tech conference. Altering Anthropocene is an Eco Tech Conference with the purpose to present current initiatives and projects started by different groups in response to climate change. It will explore how these projects will be able to help address the issues around climate change, specifically around how they will help to reduce the amount of excess carbon emissions there are in the atmosphere.

The Anthropocene is the proposed era we are currently living in and begins at the commencement of significant human impact on the Earth. With each year it becomes more and more important to tackle the issue of carbon emissions and the challenge of temperatures rising in the atmosphere and oceans around the globe. With the amount of emissions trapped in the atmosphere, mitigation and adaptation have become the main solution towards the issue. This conference aims to inform people about the ways to reduce climate change and ultimately alter the anthropocene.

Poster Advertisement

This is a poster created to advertise the conference that takes an abstract approach. The background image is an illustration of plant cells underneath a microscope that has been coloured using watercolours and digitized. The colours blue and green were chosen for the image to represent the Earth and the white graphics adds more interest with organic forms as well as represents human impact to the Earth the way it disturbs the image.


Sketches & Development


Ticket Design

The design of the ticket makes use of the abstracted watercolour illustration as a background which serves as the main graphic element. The same information that can be found on the poster advertiesment is also on the ticket, however it takes on a smaller scale to fit the dimensions of the ticket.



Website Design

This portion of the project is an extension of the poster; an acompanying promotional website for potential visitors to find more information about the confrence. The website landing page for the conference can be applied to three different device sizes and use graphic elements that were also featured in the poster design. The graphic on the landing page is a fusion of both the white graphic shape as well background image found on the poster advertisement to frame the different links sas well as the name of the convention. The text and links on the landing pages are aligned to the center line of the image and there is also a language toggle located in the upper corner of each of the landing screens to switch from english to french because the convention is taking place in Canada and will be bilingual.